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We are experts in gathering, collating and interpreting data from multiple disparate sources. Sounds simple enough? However, when combined with over 25 years of Information Technology industry experience and Business Analysis excellence it's incredibly effective.

No stone goes unturned in our pursuit of the full financial picture. 

Once we have all the data, the magic begins. We feed the numbers into our own in-house custom software, applying business principles and IT best practices along the way.

This is Real Intelligence with a healthy dose of Artificial Intelligence.

The results are nothing short of brilliant.
Costs that were once invisible through the haze of day to day operations are now visible. Peaks and troughs of expenditure become clear. Unneeded services pop out of no-where, wasted money sounds alarms.

Custom analysis.

Along the way, you help us to concentrate on your areas of concern. You tell us your corporate preferences for expenditure models, ownership and financing. When we present the possible strategic directions, you’ve been there every step of the way and it’s yours to own.

Efficiency improvements are our focus
Increasing efficiency is the focus of our analysis. Improving workflows, enhancing processes and verifying results to give you the best outcome for your business. This just makes the savings so much more significant.

Real Savings – Every time
Comparing historical costs and future requirements using sophisticated formulae, we guarantee savings on your ITC budgets. "We saved $320,000 upfront and continue to save $100,000 per annum using Perth Support's strategies." Says a client recently (call 1800 954 335 for the audited case study)

The results
We request revised quotations and proposals from your suppliers and suggest new ones if appropriate. We factor the new costings into the budget and present you with at least 4 possible scenarios.

Often, the results speak for themselves and a recommendation isn’t even required.



This post is a brief overview of what we do and based on our Strategy Brochure found here 

Who are we?
Perth Support began as a Managed IT Service Provider.

Our client partnership philosophy soon became a huge differentiating
factor in our success.

We treat every client relationship as if they are our only client. We count their success as ours and are as
satisfied with the savings they achieve as if they were our own.

Call us on Freecall 1800 954 335 to arrange an initial appointment.


Download our Strategy Brochure here