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Perth Support started life as an Managed IT Services company (read "One man band") in 2014. Thinking this was my calling, i plodded along for a year looking after my 4 or 5 customers, making sure they were happy. I had always delivered a full outsourced IT department but differentiated myself with a high level of engagement. I insisted on learning what our clients do, so we could always be on the lookout for efficiencies and cost savings.

When we (cause I employed my first staff member and i became we) took on our 6th customer, we had the opportunity to assess how their previous IT company had allowed costs to balloon out of control. We made some changes and saved the client $320,000 that year and a forecasted $100,000 for each year thereafter. This is when it all changed. Overnight we morphed from a regular IT Support Company to an Efficiency practice using technology as a driver.


As i mentioned, our IT Support Strategy had always been, learn what the client does and help deliver the technology to support them. This is great, but no different to what other IT companies do and certainly not life changing. When we developed our 5 year IT Strategy based on not just the clients expected Technology requirements but also their business plans, we established a way to measure the savings our clients made and hence our WORTH to them as a partner. This has created a knock on effect when our clients tell their contacts about our process.

The Process

We start by collating and analysing all costs associated with running our clients IT systems. We confidentially consult with the Board/Management about future directions, expansion plans, operational improvements, hiring decisions and finance method preferences. Based on the data collected, we research possible directions for technology advancement and consolidation. Using sophisticated spreadsheets that factor in all the above preferences, we can then recommend a preferred direction.

New Direction

This direction can be laid out in a 5 Year roadmap with 1 year implementation projects with milestones. Once approved, smaller incidental approvals don’t need to be continually sought as the overall strategy is decided upon in advance.

This model enables us to engage with a client on a trust basis and opens up huge opportunities for us to bid on many varied and exciting projects.


Our plan is now to systemize the above manual process to allow us to scale the operations globally. To date, we have had to visit each client site for initial meetings to discuss plans and get a feel for a client’s preferences in IT Strategy and Financing that strategy. We are working on streamlining this from spreadsheets and on-site meetings to an Application that allows a global reach. As our plan has developed, strengths that we already had within our team but had gone unnoticed or unused have developed to give us an extraordinary capability extending far above IT Support. It is important to have the capability of course, but to nurture it, package it and promote it has been the lightbulb moment for Perth Support.


Sometimes in life, you get given a second chance. Perth Support is IT-Support.v2 and to a great extent it's My-Life.v2 as well. We (I) now know what our mission is and it drives us (me) constantly.

There’s a gigantic need for IT Support that is ethical and unbiased. Driven by a fair go attitude we NEED to spread the word that there is a better way of handling your Technology requirements.

It’s not all about pushing your agenda and winning the big projects, it’s about building relationships through trust and making ourselves and our clients more efficient.

So to get to the point, our mission is to ” save our clients money and increase their efficiency”

Why should we work together?

If you run a medium sized business with 10-200 Staff and really don’t have time to manage your Computer requirements, we can take that worry off your mind.

Instead of just a Managed Services Provider, we are the real definition of a Strategic Partner for all things technology related. Acting as an interface between our clients and the outside tech world, we manage relationships with Phone and Internet Providers, Equipment Providers and Programmers. We manage the procurement of equipment, software and implementation of systems. We use over 25 years experience, technology and planning to save them money. We can do the same for you.

If you would like to find out more please call Lyndon on 1800 954 335 or email lyndon@perthsupport.com to arrange an obligation free appraisal.