Go Wireless

Don’t sign up for a PABX in the 21st century, that’s old school thinking!

Gone are the days when you need to feel beholden to a large carrier for all your communications needs.

You can now donate your old, expensive to maintain PABX system to a local museum and go off the grid for all your office telephony needs.

PSP Technology can replace your old technology with a new floating 1800 and 1300 number system that frees you from the shackles of a PABX system once and for all.

Call PSP Technology on 1800 954 335 or email secure@psp.technology to hear how to avoid the huge expense of regular phone systems

Go Global from your mobile phone

1800 and 1300 Numbers are ten digit Australian Inbound phone numbers, which can be used for receiving calls.

They are great tool to advertise your business nationally! The difference between 1800 Numbers and 1300 numbers is calls made to a 1800 Number are free for the caller when dialled from any landline in Australia.

That’s why 1800 Numbers are often referred to as ‘Free Call’ numbers and are a great way of encouraging and rewarding your consumers for making contact with your business.  Benefits of both are:

You present your business as one who operates nationally

You provide consumers a single point of contact while broadening the reach of your business

You get increased functionality from your custom phone answering solutions

Call PSP Technology on 1800 954 335 or email secure@psp.technology to design a perfect phone solution for your business

Marketing campaigns are much simpler

Track the success and Return On Investment of your marketing campaigns using our range of Inbound Numbers.

See who responds to each of your campaigns as well as when, where, and how through industry leading inbound analytics. Optimise your campaigns and focus your dollars on the most effective marketing channels to grow your business.

Inbound Numbers provide you with increased functionality via our state of the art Call Routing Suite and Phone Answering Service.

Call PSP Technology on 1800 954 335 or email secure@psp.technology to see how you can turbo charge your marketing

A team of Receptionists

This service is a fully customisable Phone Answering Service that covers all of your inbound call requirements.
Our Brisbane based Live Operators take it to the next level by becoming an agent for your business.
Our operators will work with custom built platforms, book appointments, schedule services, and assist callers with purchasing products by taking payment details over the phone and forwarding orders accordingly.
They’ll also manage incoming calls based on your staff roster.
We’ll send the member of your team on duty call outcomes or transfer them calls, based on time and date, location, or both.
Alongside all of these extras Phone Agents can still complete Phone Answering and Phone Receptionist duties.

Features of Our Phone Agent Service

Never miss a call again

Find out the callers name, number, and email address

How they found out about your business and the reason for their call

Messages are taken and forwarded to you by email or SMS

Cold or Warm Transfer

Identify relevant location and provide details accordingly

Provide basic information about your business

Answering of questions about your products and services

Booking of appointments

Roster management: call outcome or transfer to the member of your team on roster, based on time and date, location, or both

Processing sales and taking payments


Call PSP Technology on 1800 954 335 or email secure@psp.technology to chat about about many other benefits of going off the grid with your office communications