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    Using Trend Analysis, we can show you all your options

    If you need immediate support, call 1800 954 335 and click here

    Lyndon Beck - Technical Evangelist and CEO
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    We are not just a Technology Company

    We are committed to driving your costs down.
    If you need immediate support, call 1800 954 335 and click here
    Lyndon Beck - Technical Evangelist and CEO
  • Our Mission

    To save our clients money and increase their efficiency.

    Managed Services

    Looking for an extraordinary Technology Partner?

    Many years experience in providing Premium Managed Service support.

    Internet Security and Availability

    Need help with your Internet presence and security?

    Securing our clients since the Internet became ubiquitous.

    Cost and Strategy Analysis

    Tired of the mounting costs and increased complexity?

    Reduce your costs as soon as you engage us.

    Solutions to Challenges

    Need a solution to a difficult business need?

    We deliver results.

    What people are saying about us

    • If you want a score out of 10 it’s a 10!

      - 10 out of 10.
    • Real people with real experience who are always there for us when we need them most

      Danny Kirov
      A.D. Engineering

      - Always there for us.
    • Perth Support are a pleasure to deal with

      Danny Kirov
      A.D. Engineering

      - Pleasure to deal with.
    • It seems no request is out of the question when dealing with Perth Support.

      - No limits.
    • Our business now has an IT system that is appropriate for its current needs, with sufficient capacity to allow us to achieve our growth targets.

      - Appropriate IT.
    • He always takes the time to listen to what clients have to say and is a great problem solver.

      - Great problem solver.
    • They are both highly regarded and recommended by LWP.

      - Highly regarded.
    • Perth Support are proactive in their approach with a genuine commitment to customer service and delivery.

      - Genuine commitment.
    • We have recently contracted Perth Support Professionals and were immediately satisfied with the increased level of service and commitment that they provide.

      - Immediately satisfied.
    • Lyndon has always been a pleasure to deal with.

      - Pleasure to deal with.
    • Lyndon and his team were able to co-ordinate the transition so that everyone was up and running almost immediately.

      – Liz, Pool Controls

      - Running almost immediately.
    • Recently we increased our level of concentration on a technically challenging project which is subject to tough deadlines and we were extremely grateful at the late night after hours service and back up that was provided that enabled us to meet the deadline

      – Ric Stawiarz, Complete Cab Care

      - Challenging Project.
    • For 19 years LWP has enjoyed a wonderful professional relationship with Lyndon Beck in providing LWP with its IT support including regular system maintenance, review and upgrade.

      – Alan Neville, LWP Property Group

      - 19 years of Support.
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