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Perth Support Professionals Pty Ltd

Trading as PSP Technology

Having worked on every version of Microsoft Windows and having witnessed, from the trenches, the rise, fall and rise again of centralised computing, our founder, Lyndon Beck surrounds himself with a team much smarter than himself and dreams up novel ways to keep them busy. A serial entreprenuer and committed tinkerer, he relishes the fact that his tiny little IT shop based in Perth, Western Australia frequently takes on the big end of town to complete projects that leave them wondering where on earth these guys came from. He loves it this way and just can’t wait to log in every morning and even more so log off at night.

PSP is a member of the Aussiehelpdesk Group rolling out a digital transformation program for Australian businesses; check it out at www.aussiehelpdesk.com


Contact details:

Registered Office
Unit 6 / 172 Main Street,
Osborne Park, WA 6017

Helpdesk enquiries: helpdesk@perthsupport.com Sales enquiries: sales@perthsupport.com Security enquiries: secure@psp.technology

Give Lyndon Beck a call on:  08 6500 6859 Free call: 1800 954 335

Australian Business Number (ABN): 93 167 658 988 Australian Company Number (ACN): 167 658 988