Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT Support

What is support in information technology?

Technical support is also known as IT support i.e the help desk. Technical support is a service that supports users of technology products or services + data storing and protection

What is the function of it support?

IT Support monitor and maintain the company computer systems and configure hardware and software + solves technical issues.

What is the role of an IT support specialist?

IT Support Specialists are responsible for troubleshooting and evaluating technology issues as they arise, specialising in this role due to their experience

What is an IT Company

What is an IT company and what does it do?

IT companies (information technology) are responsible for overseeing the use of technological devices and the storing, retrieving, and sending of information.

Which IT company is the best?

There are a lot of IT companies out there so it can be hard to figure out who is the best. It really comes down to your specific business needs and budget. This can be determined by your team, but we also recommend calling the IT companies you are considering to get a better idea of what they offer. If you are considering us, please contact us and our friendly team can help with your questions.

What do IT companies provide?

Many services, but here is a breakdown of some; Tech support (AKA “help desk”), servers, Email, Computer/hardware repair, cloud computing, data security and data backups.

Cyber Security Services

What are cyber security services?

Cybersecurity refers to a company’s protection of electronic data and systems, thus cybersecurity services are the processes implemented to achieve this.

Is cyber security an IT service?

It can fall under IT service, but it is more a subcategory of IT security. Instead of dealing with physical security of devices, it deals purely with online data, where it’s/where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

Who needs cyber security services?

Essentially, any business operating in the modern world. Even if you are a brick and mortar business, chances are you have a digital presence or rely on a digital system to run parts of your business. It will only become more important over time, as we rely more on digital systems and the threats of hacking rise. Whether you outsource or hire internally, cyber security is an important factor you need to consider for yourself and your customers.

The average cost of cyber security services?

The cost ranges depending on if it’s a once off service or if it’s consistent monitoring your after. We have options to suit either of your needs, so please contact us today to learn more.

IT Managed Services

What is the meaning of IT consulting?

IT consulting is the process of providing advisory services that help assess different technology strategies, which in turn can align with the business strategies.

What is included in IT consulting?

Put simply, we will become your IT experts, finding solutions to your IT needs and dealing with problems you or we identify. This can be done as once off work if you have found problems to solve or can be a consistent service, dealing with problems as they arise by monitoring your website.

What is the difference between IT services and IT consulting?

IT services implement solutions to help businesses improve business processes i.e. I want this feature, can you do it? IT consulting provides advice on how to modify or improve solutions to reach a desired goal i.e. we want faster load times, how can we achieve this?

How do I download Microsoft Installer?

We can handle this for you. But if you are looking for the quick link for personal use or other, you will find it on the Microsoft website after you select a plan.

What is Microsoft Installer services?

It is the process of installing Microsoft services at mass, namely for a business. This ensures all employees have access and can be revoked access as needed.

How to install Microsoft 365 ?

We will handle this for your business as part of our service. However, if you require it for personal use, you will find the downloader on the Microsoft website after you select a plan, then follow the prompts.

Is Microsoft 365 an email host?

It can be, as Microsofts Exchange service provides email hosting and is a part of 365.

Is Microsoft Exchange the same as Office 365?

It is another Microsoft service, but it’s a part of 365 or can be standalone.

Do I need Microsoft Exchange?

If you are looking for email hosting then yes.

What is the difference between Exchange and cloud?

Exchange is an email hosting service, Cloud provides a way to back up your data and more online vs a physical device.

Cloud Migration Services

How do I switch from on premise to cloud?

Simple answer, above we have listed the standard stages we take with cloud migration. However for a full scope of your business specifically, contact us today to learn more.

How long does IT take to transition to cloud?

This depends on your business, from the size, needs and what you’re migrating. As a rough guide, we have completed cloud migrations within a couple of hours and some more complex migrations can take a few weeks. The best way to find out how long it will take to transition to cloud is to contact us so we can do a proper assessment of your business.

Is IT worth moving to the cloud?

If the reasons mentioned haven’t convinced you, then we would be happy to hear from you and have a chat about what benefits you seek with a transition to cloud and what we can do.

What are the 3 common reasons to use the cloud?

The main three reasons businesses move to the cloud is reducing cost, scalability and efficiency.

Website Development Services

5 Stages of the Web Development Process:

Design, review, develop, test and launch. We will always start with a design stage and create a visual sitemap to identify how the ideas will function together. After this stage, we will then review and ensure it is all clear to then start developing it to see the ideas in action. Testing then begins and once we are all set and your happy, we being the launch process.

How do I start a website development?

Design, this will take time as a good design means a more efficient process overall. If it is all planned out, you can then avoid problems where two design choices impact one another, meaning going back to the drawing board of how they can work together or which one is more important. Essentially, spend the time on the design to save time.

What is used for website development?

Many things, but mainly a content management system CMS, hosting, web developers / coding knowledge, plugins and of course, your vision of your website.

What is website coding?

Code makes up the website, it is the behind of what you see, the gears of the machine if you will. There are 3 main things with code, HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets) and scripts. Each contributes in their own way to the overall design and different functionalities of that design. HTML is the visible code most people are familiar with, which can be seen by viewing the page source code. CSS hides within the <style> element of the HTML, using selectors to modify the design of HTML elements. Scripts are responsible for complex content i.e. animations and include formats such as javascript. Complex scripts and databases are what powers CMS.


When should I launch a new website?

In terms of a date, this depends on many factors from your budget to your industry and time of year – it is up to you. There is no right date, just ensuring you have all you need ready for the new website and have informed your customers of the change.

In terms of why, you would launch a new website if you don’t currently have one or if you needed to improve your current website due to the build. If improving on the build, sometimes it will require a whole new build i.e changing your content management system CMS, such as Shopify to WordPress or vice versa. The key difference is a brand new website doesn’t require redirects, but a new build does as migration occurs in order to retain previous rankings for SEO and transfer customers from your old site to the new if they still have access to the old links.

How do I launch my website on Google?

Simply put, once the website is built, you make the website live and it can be accessed on Google when you search for it. Sometimes there can be delays for this due to many variables, but this is rare. The main delay is rankings – If you launch your website in a competitive industry, chances are you won’t appear on page one for words around your industry. Sometimes, this may even be the case with your name, if many businesses have the same name or the word is apart of their name. This is where time comes into play, as Google needs to evaluate your website against all the current and new ones being launched each day. However, if your looking to help break through the crowd and sometimes at a quicker rate, this is where SEO comes into play. We have contacts in the industry who specialise in this, so please contact us today and we can discuss the best plan for your website launch.

What is a website launch?

Creating a functioning website and launching it on the web, for it to then be crawled and categorised in search engines for the general public to be able to view. The actual act of a launch is the process of making the website live. This will involve the final review and edits, the publishing of the website itself and then another review to ensure the design is as intended.

What is the cost of launching a website?

The cost of launching a website varies depending on what is required, who you chose to handle the task and the timeframe, thus, it is best to Contact us so we can give you an accurate quote.

Why do websites migrate?

There is really two main reasons why a website needs to migrate
-New brand name: a new domain will need to be bought and thus a new web design. This also creates the opportunity to review the current web build and choose to either keep it the same or change to a new CMS.
– New website build: sometimes a site’s build has limitations due to the CMS or the build itself, halting scalability, other times the build has been neglected for too long, creating a backlog of issues that cant be resolved or at least in a timely manner, costing the business more. These are situations where a new build is required, in order to continue profitability and scaling it.

What do you need to migrate a website?

An experienced web team to handle the new build in line with your goals, keeping what works and improving or removing what doesn’t . Ideally, you would also hire an SEO specialist. Their role will be to ensure any past rankings from your old website have the best chance of transferring over to your new one – with redirects. They can then also review the new website and ensure it is best set up for SEO. On a technical side, its also important to create redirects so any loyal customers with links to your old website get redirected to the new one.
There are risks with migration, as Google will take time to reassign rankings and some can be lost – but if the website needs to change for the reasons above, it’s a risk worth taking.

Does website migration affect SEO?

Yes, which is why redirects are very important. Essentially if you publish your new website, your starting from scratch, the redirects help to show Google this is a new version of this site, and to apply the rankings here, but the system is not perfect. Sometimes rankings can be lost. However, the combination of an SEO specialist and our team means the best results possible. Please contact us today and we can discuss how we can handle your migration and if one of our SEO industry contacts can be of service.

How much does it cost to migrate a website?

Website migration cost mainly varies depending on the size of your website For Perth Support. The price is dependent on website size and other factors, so best to contact us so we can give you an accurate quote.

How long does website migration take?

Many variables affect this, but as long as communication is clear and not delayed, the process can be within a month – depending on the size of the website. Always best to contact us about this question as our scope can provide an accurate quote for your specifically on the timeframe and cost.

Can I host my own website?

You definitely can if you wish. However, we advise looking into this yourself to truly understand all that is required. If you want more control over hosting, WordPress is your best option as you can choose your host vs other CMS platforms who have a set host.

What is needed to run a website?

Domain name, Host and a CMS is really all you need. Other things can come into play if you don’t have the knowledge or time such as SEO, web developers and more. If you want to handle it yourself, your best bet would be a more user friendly CMS. A lot is handled for you and little to no coding is required. Some will be a CMS and hosting all in one with drop and drag features, so all you need is a domain name and some patience.

Why is website management important?

For all the reasons above and more. Just like you computer, websites require updates. Without them your website can slow and become vulnerable to attackers. This is even more true on an SEO side, as it can impact your rankings if issues pile up, no matter how good your content is.

How often should a website be maintained?

At a minimum, on a monthly basis. It can depend on the size of the website but also the current state i.e. a lot of issues or a lot of changes happening will require more time put towards the website. This can then also impact the website management cost.

What tasks are required to maintain a website?

For Perth Support, our main tasks revolve around security. But to give some insight, we would check all plugins are up to date, if any are no longer needed, if the CMS is up to date, any security or user issues with the code and more. We can even monitor content for you to ensure copy is up to date.