Website Security

The security of your website is one of the most important roles of being a responsible website owner. In an age where data theft and hacking is on the rise, now is the time to ensure that you’re doing as much as possible to keep your website secure.

Website security checklist

There are a few different areas of your website that require security. Keeping each of these areas secure means more protection for you and your website’s visitors:

Why does my website need security?

We’ve seen it many times, and often new clients contact us after their website has already been compromised, resulting in data loss, their website being offline, being black-listed by search engines, or all of the above.

Often clients don’t realise their website has been compromised, because their website runs like normal while it’s being used by hackers to host fake web pages that steal people’s data, or to send out fake emails in the background.

Once search engines notice that your website has been compromised, your website could also be removed from search engines, be marked as ‘This website may be hacked’ or blocked by anti-virus software when someone tries to visit your website.

We can help keep your website secure

Whether you’re being proactive to protect your website and its data, or your website has already been compromised, we can assist with your website’s security. We can review all aspects of your website to identify vulnerabilities and recommend the best security options.